Rescue And Sanctuary for Threatened Animals

Here are some more photos of the R.A.S.T.A. Family that are just too cute not to share…enjoy!

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~


Buddies; Pedro & Benson

Petunia; Something Smells Good...

Petunia; Something Smells Good…

Big World for a Little Duck

Polo with an Itchy Head!

George; Hangin’ Out with The Ducks

Suzie; “I’ve got my eye on you!”

Monster; Handsome Old Boy

A Couple of Good Friends

Petunia; Hangin’ with The Hens

Petunia; Getting Sized up by a Rooster

Sitting Pretty; Farah & Brutus

Kisses; Jacob Meets Petunia for The First Time

Baxter; The New Kid on The Block

The Kindergarten Club Meet Big Boy Rudy

Cold Morning at The Millarville Farmer’s Market

Just a little chilly….

Keeping Warm with Big Brother

“There is no way that I’m coming out!!”

Jacob & Harley; Sharing a Kiss

Sweet Spanky; Enjoying the Sunshine

“Really Mom…another Pig?!”

Buddies; Benson & Spartacus


Sporting The Coolest Hair-do in Town!!

Chelsea’s First “Hair Cut”

So close, yet so far!!

The Boys at The Millarville Market

Greeting Customers at our Booth

Pedro; Apprenticing at the Market

Hangin’ Out with Big Brother

Charlotte; Bobbing for Apples

Ricky; Handsome Boy!

Rocky’s Baby Pool

Baby Rocky

Monster; a Wise Old Soul

Truly a Non Discriminatory Sanctuary!!

Holly & Marco; Racing for the Good Snacks

A Feast!!

Tango & Jasmine; Sharing Veggies

Rosie & Julie; Sharing Veggies

Beautiful Boys

Rocky; Enjoying a Cool Treat on a Hot Day

The Man of the (Hen) House

“Oh – My – God!! Is that a Strawberry?”

The Black & Brown Bunny Club

The Colourful Bunny Club

Blossom & Romeo; Buddies


Isabelle; Taking a Bath in the Drinking Water!

“Can I get some privacy please?”

Mickey & Mallory; Waiting for Spring

Mickey & Mallory; Enjoying the Pond

Holly; Enjoying Breakfast in Bed

Patches & Mopsy; Snuggle Time

Emma; on Top of the World

Cody; Getting some Shut Eye

Brutus Fundraising at The Millarville Market

Pedro Supervising the Volunteers

Lonsome Dove

Duck & Geese X-ing

“Hey! Mom brought snacks!!”

Sharing Lunch

Best Friends; Wilbur & Rocky

Hangin’ Out

Bath Time!!

Hogging the Pool

Benson & Pedro; We Didn't Do It

Benson & Pedro; “We didn’t do it”

Rocky & Friends Share a Pie

Rocky & Friends Share a Pie

Isabelle & Rocky

Isabelle & Rocky; First Kiss

Rocky Stealing Eggs from the Chicken Coop

Rocky Stealing Eggs from the Chicken Coop

Theodore with a Winter Blanket

Theodore’s First Winter

Theo; "But mom, my butt's still cold!"

Theo; “But mom, my bum’s still cold!”

Benson, AKA "Superman"

Benson, AKA “Superman”

Sadie the Goof

Sadie the Goof

Houdini; Upside Down

Houdini; Right Side Up