Rescue And Sanctuary for Threatened Animals

As many of our followers know, we’ve recently relocated the whole Sanctuary and all of the rescued animals all the way from Alberta to Vancouver Island just two years ago (for a milder climate, sustainability reasons and to help farm animals on the Island) and being in a brand new location we’ve pretty much had to start all over again with building our new home and gathering new supporters.  Moving is hard enough for most folks but moving with a farm full of rescued animals and just one mama is humongously super crazy hard!!

What is The $30 Sanctuary Support Challenge?

As a fund raising initiative to secure funds for the everyday care of the many rescued animals at the Sanctuary, RASTA is looking for supporters to commit to monthly contributions of $30 for a period of one year.  Caring for the many rescued residents and maintaining the Sanctuary on a daily basis is an exceptionally large responsibility which greatly limits our time and resources for undertaking continual fund raising ventures.  This program will not only help to secure funds for a reliable budget but also help us to devote more time and energy to education and thus have a greater impact within our community.

Why $30?

Thirty dollars a month works out to about a dollar a day which is literally less than the cost of a cup of coffee.  This pocket change is an amount small enough which most people would not miss especially when considering the funds are being donated to charity.  As we would ultimately like our program to be a success we feel that the commitment of $1 a day is one that can be easily kept.  Although $30 a month may not seem like a lot of money, it truly means a world of difference to the RASTA Sanctuary and it’s many residents.

Why One Year?

By committing to the challenge for one year, you are helping us to establish a reliable budget from which to care for the animals.  Should you wish to continue your monthly contributions after one year, we would be most grateful for your continued support.

Doesn’t the Current Animal Sponsorship Program Cover all the Operating Costs?

Our current sponsorship program where people can choose an individual animal to sponsor helps to pay for the pelleted feed for that one animal however it doesn’t cover the cost of hay, straw, specialty feed, supplements, veterinary expenses, medicine, etc.

Can I Donate More?

Absolutely!  The $30 is just a guideline to help us secure funds within our annual operating budget however the amount that you wish to donate is ultimately up to you.  Whether donations are large or small, we are truly grateful for them all!

How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up for the challenge is very easy with our convenient Online Donating Option through Canada Helps which safely and securely withdraws the funds from your bank account on the same day that you choose each month.  You can use PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Debit or a PayPal Gift Card to do so.  At no point are you locked into any sort of contract and you can stop your donations at any time.  Also, when donating through Canada Helps they will supply you with immediate tax receipts from their fancy online donating system which saves a bit of paperwork and postage on our end.

If you’re an animal lover and interested in helping out in a small yet HUGE way please click on the link below and sign up for our $30 Sanctuary Support Challenge today!