Rescue And Sanctuary for Threatened Animals

As a Volunteer-Based Organization, RASTA has a number of volunteer opportunities available to motivated and reliable people that are serious about wanting to help.  For a list of volunteer opportunities currently available, please scroll down.


“We can not do great things in this world only small things with great love”

~ Mother Theresa ~

1. Grant Research *** Currently our greatest need! ***

An area of tremendous need as bringing in money to fund RASTA’s rescue and education efforts is an ongoing necessity.  Here we need individuals to research various grant opportunities (names, deadlines, criteria, etc) that RASTA would be eligible for.  No prior experience is required, just some basic computer skills, an internet connection and the time and patience to do some research.

2. Fundraising and Event Planning *** Currently our greatest area of need! ***

This is currently another area of great need as donations for farm animal rescue and protection can often be few and far between.  Funds are needed to help feed and care for the many rescued animals at the RASTA Sanctuary and thus fund raising efforts are very important.  We are seeking motivated and independent individuals to create and plan fund raising events free of animal products (meat, fur, etc.) for the Sanctuary.  This includes but is not limited to Vegan bake sales, galas, silent auctions, hosting social functions in RASTA’s honor (Birthday parties, dinners, etc.) and collecting donations from guests, raffles, garage sales, bottle drives, etc.

3. Website (Fall/winter 2016)

We would very much like someone with experience to help us to create a new website, one that is more mobile friendly, and teach us as they go so we can maintain it ourselves.

4.Design of Printed Literature (Fall/winter 2016)

We need someone with experience and creativity to help us in designing some new professional looking business cards, brochures and sponsorship packages.  Here we would like someone to work with our ideas, help put some things together, preferably with our existing computer programs or free apps and teach us how so we can maintain them in the future.

5. Education (Fall/winter 2016)

Arguably the most important aspect of rescue work is education.  We would like to find some motivated individuals who can work independently or collectively to put together educational presentations about factory farming, its impact on the animals, human health and the environment and the need for farm animal rescue and advocacy.  We are looking for people to talk to schools, clubs, etc. about the work that RASTA does and its importance.  Volunteers interested in assisting in this field should have some basic knowledge of the modernized factory farming industry and be comfortable with public speaking.

6. Helping to Stop Immoral & Fraudulent Animal Sales *** Anytime, on your own time! ***

We are ALWAYS in need of people (or better yet, an army of people) to help regularly monitor and regulate various sales sites on their own time such as kijiji, craig’s list, buy & sell, etc. as well as various social media sites for immoral and falsely-advertised animals for sale such as “tea cup” and “micro mini pigs” (there is no such breed!) and report the ads to the administrators of the sites in efforts of having the ads removed.  In other words, flag the ads. 

We are also looking for people to reach out to individuals on sales sites in an educational manner (by posting ads or direct reply) in efforts of discouraging the sales/purchase of potbelly pigs and other novelty pets which are illegal to have within most urban centers as they are classified as livestock.  This is very important work becuase it directly helps to reduce the number of animals that are being exploited and ultimately ending up in rescue. 

“The love for all creatures is the most noble attribute of man”

~ Charles Darwin ~